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The concept was simple. To create a company that could routinely take its web and multimedia services to a level rarely attained in today's consulting environment. Excellence is not often associated with the word 'routine'. At Public Focus it is. We make sure that we provide our clients nothing but the best in web, multimedia, and print services by maintaining a talented core of professionals who will accept nothing but the best in everything they do. Where some companies gauge their level of success on their ability to grow, we gauge our level of success on the ability to consistently outperform "the big guys" on a project-by-project basis.

Our company is made up of former employees of Fortune 100 companies, employees of small start-up companies, and seasoned consultants. Due to our varied experience, we have a unique understanding of the perspectives of clients in different industries, of different sizes, and at different stages of their growth. For every project we take on, we guarantee a project team of professional team members with complimentary skills and talents who settle for nothing less than excellence in everything they do. If we can't guarantee that on a given project, then we won't take on the project. That's because we feel that any project that is completed by us and doesn't live up to the Public Focus name can be used to judge our entire company. We would rather turn down a project than be associated with mediocrity.

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